Surinam is a small country in South America, just above Brasil, approximately seven times bigger than the Netherlands, once its 'mother-country' for three-hundred years or so. The inhabitants are of mixed race, whose ancestors are Indians (the natives), Creoles, Hindus, Indonesians, Chinese, Jews, Lebanese and Dutch. There is not much to tell about technological progression over there, as Surinam has almost none. People live side-by-side in harmony with the nature that provides them almost everything to live sufficiently. My impression is that in Surinam there's no poverty in the real sense of the word, a bitter reality we often see in parts of Africa or South Asia, to name some.

The striking thing is the fact that Surinam's sky is always deep blue, decorated with the most appealing forms of various white cloud formations, which takes 3/4 part of the horizon. The sky seems so big over there! Another striking fact is that birds, of all kinds, and flowers really take an important role in the daily life of this mixed society. But the most important fact of all is that we - as world citizens - should learn from this small country about the real meaning of tolerance, as no matter one's ethnical background or religion is, they all are integrated as one nation and living continuously in real harmony and respect with one another. That a great mosque is situated right next to a synagogue in the capital city of Paramaribo - which is a unique situation in the whole world - says enough already 

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