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All photographs of Surinam were shot with the digital prosumer Konica-Minolta Dimage A2, at the moment my favourite camera on journeys. With its 35mm-equivalent 28-200mm lens it is very capable of handling almost anything photographable, small and light weight, yet inconspicuous. The downside of it is that I ended up spending hours in post-processing to correct images with severe barrel distortion produced by its widest lens position.

These photographs are copyrighted and are published with the intention to enrich the life of visual minded people and to give inspiration to others. If you would like to use any of my photographs on this site please let me know first. There is generally no problem with this. I would probably even help you seeking the better images suitable for your purpose from my archive, but don't just republish them elsewhere without my consent as this is equal to stealing and violation of the copyright. Stating my name as the maker of the photograph and a link back is usually all what I require for the use on non-commercial websites. For commercial use, please contact me for licence and fee information 

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