Of its geographical position, one will already know that such a place like Malta, which lies in the Mediterranean Sea, 95 kilometres below the island of Sicily, Italy, and 290 kilometres from Tunisia, North Africa - must have a superb climate. The country consists of a small group of five islands of which the main and most important island has the same name as the country name. The other smaller islands - in order of importance - are Gozo, Comino, Cominotto and Filfla. Two of the latter are uninhabited islands.

Though small, Malta has so many to offer to almost everyone's interests, from historical places to the beauty of nature. Even just passively lying down on beaches can be done at the Mellieha Beach. The old Bedford busses are the best option to explore the main island, as they are relatively cheap and cover almost all important routes of the whole island. It takes only 45 minutes from the capital city of Valletta to the farthest corner of the island. With Malta's friendly people, the dry and warm sunny days, the relaxed unhurried pace of daily life with groups of locals talking at the boulevard until late night and its good food - of which its obvious influence and origin lies in the Arab, Italian and English kitchens - not only one will feel instantly at home, but also will keep one of the best memories of a journey for a long long time 

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