Portrait of Anne

The six-year-old Anne was a child whose daily life I followed and photographed for an educational project in Indonesia some time ago. She was a happy girl, youngest of three children of a middle class Indonesian family, with two other (much) older sisters above her who kind of "spoiled" her in many ways. It is the Indonesian way of expressing their fondness towards people they love.

Anne was very much alive and active. She had always to do something - even if she had to play alone by herself. The funny thing about this cute young girl was the fact that she was very much aware of my presence as a photographer, but managed to ignore the reality that I was there all the time. This way I had the chance to see her act normally and photographed her just as she was. Sometimes she just gave silent hints where she wanted to be photographed, in what kind of - for her - ideal situation, such as against some themes or backgrounds and so on - but she never had one moment forgotten not to be herself.

The only downside of this entire project (but the oh-so important factor!) was the fact that I used the old Dimage 7Hi which had a slow AF and a huge shutterlag, much to my own frustration during my work with Anne. I was constantly too late when the decisive moment was there to be shot. The prosumer was immediately got rid off as soon as I got back home, but the images are safely preserved. Thanks, Anne. It was fun to work with you.

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