Oil Mining According to Miss Mar's Proved Method

We are now living in a no-nonsense era. Nowadays it seems that there's nothing more important than outer appearances, personal glorification and personal social status, materialism, snobbism - to name some. The hungry ego has to be fed all the time. Even the saints among us, people who - theoretical or not - live by the law of the Almighty and pray a hundred times a day, do forget what it really means to be humble, helping people in need without sneering or to set oneself aside for the real matter in this world. Converting as many people as possible to a certain belief DOES NOT help anything if it remains as a theory only. Bread does !

The fact is that there's still poverty in this world, there's still exploitation of the weakest by the strongest, there's still ignorance, lack of justice, selfishness and carelessness by all of us. The idealism of the flower-power generation seems to be vanished for good. All what we are fighting for now is reduced into just one poor, meaningless word : m - o - r - e.

The following images tell a story of a struggle in this life, told by Miss Mar - a resident of a slum quarter in the industrial area of East Jakarta - whose life depends on (ironically) the industry waste and its pollution. One of the comments I heard was that the industry should in fact pay her handsomely for cleaning up their mess. If it's ever going to happen is unfortunately another story.

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